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Digital Strategy

Too often, strategy projects fail. There’s plenty of reasons why – we see strategies designed in ivory towers, strategies with no basis in commercial reality, strategies from one organisation put straight into another and, most often, strategies designed without attention to pragmatic delivery in the real world.​

At Elite, we work with you to seize the opportunity in complex, valuable strategic and growth-related challenges. Based on the latest customer science methodologies, rigorous analysis, market insights and a pragmatic assessment of your capabilities, our innovative methods and approach build commitment across your organisation to ensure your goals are achievable in practice and not just on paper. 

It feels different to work with us. We listen intently. We think differently. We bring experts, including people who get technology – not just IT. We deliver fast. And we flex to suit your organisation. All this ensures results stick.

Our Services

1 / Vision Development

Our strategy development approach ensures that short-term activities are aligned with long-term aspirations, vision and purpose. Through market research and business analytics we identify key issues, opportunities and threats impacting an organization’s business model.

We work with you to refine your organization’s core purpose and vision and help you articulate the key strategies required to get there. We then plan, prioritize and organize the key strategies into a roadmap with short-term, mid-term and long-term horizons.

2 / Product & Service Design

With a multidisciplinary team of product designers and technologists  we can help you take a product or service from idea to market fast.

We can help with:

  • New concept identification – developing new business opportunities based on consumer insight and enabled by new technologies and connectivity

  • Product and service design – designing world beating product concepts and supporting services based on advanced human factors and market insight

  • Technical feasibility assessment – developing novel technical solutions based on deep science, technology and engineering expertise

  • Product development – engineering concepts into physical products and services, using a staged process to manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance

  • Connectivity solutions – designing connected devices and specialist wireless applications, and delivering network connectivity for new products and services

3 / CTO Advisory Services

Elite provides seasoned, highly trained advisors who have ‘sat in the chair’ as a CTO in a challenging industries and who have the business acumen to work effectively at the most senior level

We can help with:

  • Strategy assessments & Management Services

  • On-demand Chief Technology and Security Officer

  • Lead the development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of information security programs

  • Oversee personnel (in-house and third-party) with information security roles and responsibilities

  • Assist the management team and staff with integration and interpretation of information security program controls

  • Serve as an information security liaison for auditors, assess­ors, and examiners for client security reviews, penetration testing, etc.

  • Provide application developers with technical training and guidance on how to develop and test applications securely

  • Provide system administrators with technical training and guidance on how to build and maintain IT infrastructure securely

  • Filter vendor claims and provide research on how they compare to others from a third-party perspective

4 / Experience Design

If you want to grow your business you need to deliver exceptional experiences. This can only be achieved by design based on actionable customer insight and business understanding.

We can help with:​

  • User journey mapping

  • UX design

  • Prototyping

  • Design research

  • Usability testing

  • Interaction design

  • Illustration

  • UX writing

  • DesignOps

5 / M&A Support

Technology issues can make or break deal value. As deals become more complex technology integration becomes critically important, yet it's often an aspect of integration that is under-resourced--and in which costs can quickly spiral out of control. 


Elite bring a strategic lens to post-merger technology integration. Acting as your general contractor, we work closely with your team to tackle the most critical  technology priorities while keeping the most important strategic questions front-and-centre.

We can help with:​

  • Systems & Architecture Analysis

  • Technology Due Diligence

  • Technology Cost Management

  • Technology Operating Model

  • Data Migration & Strategy

  • Post-Merger Integration

6 / Market Analysis

In an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat, technology companies have to plan for the long-term and be ready to change on a dime.


But how? Whether you lead a software, hardware, semiconductor, services, storage, components or peripherals business, our cross-sector expertise and global insights can help you plan for—and sustain—success.

We can help with:​

  • Competitive Landscapes

  • Market Forecasts

  • Industry Trends

  • Technology Innovation Opportunities

  • New Business Models

We can help with:​

  • Delivery Model Re-design

  • Process Re-design

  • Outsourcing and Off-Shoring

  • Technology solutions required to execute design

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