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Continuous Transformation

Greater customer expectations. Faster release cycles to keep up with competitors. Increasing regulation. Keeping up with our changing world is a challenge, but responding in the right way at pace creates the opportunity to stay one step ahead.


Taking an Agile approach is proven to help grasp that opportunity so organisations thrive and grow. But achieving the benefits of Agile takes more than just a methodology – it needs the right leadership, culture, governance and organisational structure.​


We have extensive experience in leading successful Agile programmes for organisations around the world

Our Services

1 / IT Portfolio Assessment 

Elite recognizes the critical role of IT investments in achieving the business mission and therefore, the importance of IT investments being planned, prioritized, cost-effective, and directly aligned to the mission and business goals of the organization.

Elite can help your organization develop an IT portfolio management strategy and roadmap to realize your organization’s IT strategic plan in a most effective and efficient manner.

We can help with:​

  • IT Capital Planning

  • PMO

  • Investment Analysis

  • Cost Control

  • Portfolio Project and Programme Reviews

2 / Agile Project Delivery

When you have a complex problem to solve, a project with changing requirements, a situation requiring creativity, or an opportunity to work closely with end users, you have a scenario that’s ripe for an Agile team.


 We've helped companies launch hundreds of them, providing leadership the awareness, skills training, organizational guidance, and change management expertise to enable Agile teams to become highly productive very quickly. We'll help you identify the areas of your business that are best-suited to Agile today, assemble the right people for the team(s) and instruct them on every facet of Agile methodology. Together, we'll build a repeatable model so that the journey from a single team or a handful of teams to a truly Agile enterprise unfolds at speed, propelling your growth.  

We can help with:

  • Establishing and rolling out of Agile methodology & best practices

  • Providing Scrum Master and Product Owner on Demand Services

  • Backlog definition & review

  • Running and delivering Sprints

3 / Proof of Concept Delivery

Elite can assist you with developing a proof of concept which can help organisations test project and business feasibility and allow you to understand whether it’s going to be a success, fall flat on its face or need tweaking to succeed. Why go through the pain of yet another system implementation which no body in the company uses or fails to see the value? Allow us to work with you in producing proof of concepts which help with stake holder buy in and firm up your strategy.


We can help with:

  • Architecture and design for Minimum Viable Products (MVP).

  • Architectural expertise and guidance to define pilot and PoC applications.

  • Based on strong track record of pilot and PoC delivery.

  • Project management of pilots including time-boxed exploratory activities.

  • Business analysis and management of user feedback.

  • Utilises low cost, cloud-based infrastructure.

4/ DEVOPS Implementation

Elite are at the forefront of delivering DevOps services in Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps environments, with a pragmatic use of the latest technologies, tools and frameworks to support our customers in building, deploying and running effective, working software.

Our teams have worked with customers across a range of industries, developing and building deployment pipelines across a wide variety of different tools and technologies, balancing quality with risk to gain a competitive advantage.

We know that implementing and embedding a DevOps culture within an organisation goes beyond the technology. It’s about identifying the right projects to pilot and the right people to champion the changes to take it from a successful one-off small-scale pilot into an organisation-wide transformation. Our emphasis is on helping customers to realise the practical benefits of a DevOps approach.

We can help with:

  • DevOps Pipeline Review

  • DevOps Pipeline Technology Design & Setup

  • DevOps Launch

  • DevOps Project Recovery

5 / Partner Source & Select

Choosing the right delivery partner can make or break a transformation project. Vendors will pitch with their A team and then send their C team on site. Elite has experience of sourcing, selecting and managing delivery partners and can cut through the sales pitch to help maximise the chance of success​

We can help with:

  • RFP design and production

  • Management of Selection Process

  • Market Scan

  • Contract Review (Non-legal aspects) e.g. SLAs, implementation methodology, timelines, costs

  • Partner assessment

6 / Architecture Governance

Elite architecture governance & planning service helps you establish the key governance principles, bodies and boards, operating processes, roles and responsibilities. We define and operationalise enterprise architecture, solution architecture and technical design governance and make it work in your business.

We will establish an architecture review board, a design authority and an architecture group and will integrate these into your existing organisation structure and governance mechanisms.

Our architecture governance service addresses the challenges presented by governing change and assessing compliance.

We can help with:

  • Architecture Governance Principles

  • Architecture Governance Model

  • Terms of Reference

  • Technical Design Authority

  • Architecture Review Boards

  • Architecture Governance Templates

  • Compliance Checks

  • Architecture Assessments

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