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Business Architecture

Change management is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. Successful businesses continually define and operationalise change to remain competitive.

Today’s business agility requires organisations have an inspiring vision, trusted and committed leaders, an engaging employee experience, and the know-how to effectively respond. As you develop a new mindset on how to lead significant transformations through strong people alignment and preparation, we can help.

Our Services

1 / Business Capability Modelling

Business capabilities can be described as a bridging language between business and IT. Used well, they can create a cross-departmental understanding of your organization. Some of Elite's best practices for defining a Business Capability Model that drives real value for your organization are: 

We can help with:

  • Business Capability Model Definition 

  • Capability Maturity Assessments

  • Business Capability Prioritisation and Roadmap

  • Communication and cascade throughout business units

2 / Business Analysis

If you are struggling to deliver quality software, have challenges designing and implementing business process or eliciting, documenting and implementing business needs, we can help.  Are you having problems translating business needs into IT solutions. We have a team of business analysis experts who specialises in requirement engineering and implementation, business process modelling, and project delivery. We help companies develop IT systems to solve business needs. Our services cover developing new systems, improving an existing system or integrating new and existing systems

We can help with:

  • Requirement engineering

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Change Management

  • Post Implementation document and support

3 / Process Modelling

In the ever changing and competitive business world, businesses need to re-strategise, evolve and develop new business process in other to respond to those changes. Our team of experts will map and analyse the current (As is) business process, investigate the problems within the process before designing a new (To-be) process. We also specialise in the implementation and evaluation of new business processes.

We can help with:

  • Process modelling workshops (as-is and to-be)

  • Review and refresh existing processes

  • Development of whole enterprise process frameworks

  • Population of process modelling tools and repositories

4 / Target Operating Model

The primary purpose of a Target Operating Model is to enable the application of a corporate strategy or vision to a business or operation. It is a high level representation of how a company can be best organised to more efficiently and effectively deliver and execute on the organisation's strategy.

Moreover, it provides a common understanding of the organisation by allowing people to visualise the organisation from a variety of perspectives across the value chain as every significant element of business activity is represented. People, processes and technology are key components underlining any TOM and are critical to ensure its success.

We can help with:​

  • End-to-end value chain

  • Front-office and back office analysis and models

  • Outsourcing or Shared Services

  • Team interfaces and business unit hand-offs

  • Design and rollout of TOM

5 / Investment Proposals

Business case helps answer the questions of why we need to undertake a project and the cost and business benefits. Unfortunately, many projects fail as a result of poorly developed business case. We will assist you in developing an industry standard business case which will help set the tone for a successful project. Through detailed research and investigations, we will explore the cost, risks and benefits of all available solutions to your business needs and provides a rationale for the preferred solution.

We can help with:​

  • Benefits case analysis

  • Financial modelling

  • Template Creation

  • Investment Case Process administration

  • Engaging content and presentations to aid communication

6 / Shared Services Design

We partner with leading companies to support the full shared services journey from strategy through transition and execution.  We support companies across the lifecycle, whether you are implementing shared services for the first time, migrating from dispersed, single function shared services to global business services, or transforming the performance of your existing shared services to deliver more value to the business. 

We can help with:​

  • Delivery Model Re-design

  • Process Re-design

  • Outsourcing and Off-Shoring

  • Technology solutions required to execute design

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