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Application Architecture

Cloud & Mobility technologies are fundamentally challenging IT organisations, in all sorts of companies, to bring technology based innovation to market more rapidly and more cost effectively.  These new technologies are driving vastly improved levels of customer engagement with new software applications and interfaces, accessible from any device, in any location.​

At the same time new applications and interfaces need to remain connected to core enterprise services and the enterprise technology values of reliability, scalability and security.

Our Services

1 / Portfolio Assessment

Elite assess a company’s application landscape based on business and technology objectives and recommend whether applications should be modernised, re-platformed, migrated, decommissioned, consolidated or replaced. Today, IT is not just a technology supplier, but a business partner.


Businesses increasingly expect start-up qualities from their IT teams: rapid innovation, agility and collaboration between the business and IT on new solutions and reducing time to market.

Elite Application Portfolio Management approach provides end to end services including due diligence, portfolio analysis, transition, Business As Usual (BAU) and continuous improvement for a wide range of bespoke and packaged applications.

We can help with:

  • Portfolio Analysis

  • Vendor Assessment

  • Market Benchmarking

  • Data Collection

  • Management Reports & Dashboards

2 / Platform Source & Select

Elite can help provide the expertise you need at every stage of the journey to source and select a new business system. We have years of expertise dealing with technology vendors large and small and will be on your side to cut through the sales speak and select the right system to meet your needs

We can help with:

  • Requirements gathering (reviewing objectives and functional requirements alongside all core stakeholders)

  • Further platform and systems due diligence

  • Requirements enriching and analysis (adding more detail and listing requirements for customisations and third parties)

  • Platform review against requirements (reviewing native capabilities of systems and complexity for customisations)

  • Total cost of ownership assessment (cost analysis over 3-5 years)

  • Platform recommendation (with detail on each system involved in the process and why the recommended platform is suitable)

  • RFP management (partner selection, validation and management of the process)

3 / Application Migration

No matter how your business services are constructed or hosted, our application migration specialists will move you smoothly to your target environment. We profile your application landscape, determine the appropriate migration strategy for each application, design the target architecture and then plan and execute the transition into your intended future state. Where appropriate, we help you build confidence and momentum using an agile migration factory approach, applying automation to achieve sustainable, efficient delivery at a pace that suits your business.

We can help with:

  • Custom Migration Plans

  • Stakeholder Alignment

  • Programme Assurance

4/ Application Integration

Creating interoperability of systems, even complex ones is a challenge worth our attention. Roll out new features, connect systems, and extend the software capacities with application integration consulting. The future of business is a connected one. Our application integration services help companies future proof their software by adding greater value to their products and services.

We can help with:​

  • Integration Strategy

  • API Design

  • API Build

  • API Governance

  • Middleware Source & Select

  • Middleware Configuration

5 / Microservices Design

Microservices enables development of modular, maintainable, atomic, isolated and testable services that satisfies specific business requirements. Microservices are lightweight, scalable and enable faster deployment on premises, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.


At Elite, we can help you migrate monolithic apps to microservices and consult you with best practices to create scalable solutions.


We can help with:​

  • Microservices Strategy

  • Microservices Design

  • Microservices Implementation

  • Microservices Governance

  • Microservices Support & Management

6 / Application Solution Design

Our team provides expert custom application development services for fast growing businesses and emerging startups. We have created numerous custom application development solutions used by in-house teams, as well as enterprise-grade software used by large corporations worldwide.

We can help with:​

  • Web Application Development

  • Mobile Application Development

  • PWA & Hybrid Application Development

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